Stop Making These 5 Common Blog Mistakes

SEO services: get the most out of your blogs

Blogs serve many functions. They provide helpful information to customers, help create new business, make your company more attractive to quality workers, and they can play a crucial role in optimising search engine rankings. Unfortunately, many common mistakes prevent companies from making the most of their blogs. Read on to find out if your blog suffers from these same problems.

  1. Original Content

Both search engines and site visitors are looking for original blog content. It can be tempting to share items found elsewhere on the internet but this is best reserved for your social media pages.

  1. Abandoned Blogs

If your site has a blog, it is important to keep it regularly populated with new content. Neither human visitors nor search engine bots are impressed by blogs that haven’t been updated and they can result in a negative impact on rankings. Fresh content means return visits to your site and helps grow interest in your offering.

  1. Blog to Nowhere

If your blog references one of your specific products or services, make sure you link back to the appropriate page. Visitors need to be able to find out more information, and they appreciate a fully functional, practical experience while on your website. Conversely, some companies mistake a hard sales pitch for a blog. Blog readers are likely looking for interesting information and an entertaining read. They don’t want to feel like they’re trapped in a small room with an overly eager salesman.

Provide links to more information where appropriate but don’t overwhelm your blog. Remember, people came here to learn something new, not to look at a boring list of product promotion and links.

  1. Hidden Blog

Can visitors to your site easily find your blog? It’s amazing how many otherwise well-planned websites will hide their blogs away from their main page. It should be easy to find the blog from your homepage or any other pages that clients are likely to visit.

  1. Lack of Focus

Who is your website trying to target? Make sure your blog contains information that will attract and interest your target customer. Overly obscure subjects, rambling posts, and a lack of interesting information will turn visitors off. Find areas where your blog can help your customers and/or provide unique insights.

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