The days when marketing was a one-way street are way behind us. Today, you get what you give. The biggest social brands understand this. They not only talk, they listen. They not only share, they deliver value. Our social media experts spark conversations between brands and customers, specifically designed to deepen the relationship. We map out the desires of your ideal customer, then create and spread relevant content across all social platforms and communities, moving your brand from being a speaker to entering the conversation – all the while focusing on your ROI.

Let’s build relationships…




We all know Facebook is the biggest and most commonly used social media platform out there. However, do you know what drives users to action on FB? Do you know the tiny nuances that can make or break your campaign on FB?

Our experts DO know, and they’ll manage every aspect of your Facebook marketing. As a social media agency we LOVE keeping current, getting imaginative and creating clever, relevant content.


Twitter is a quick and easy information platform and with 284 million monthly active users, it’s a sea of information waiting to be read, tweeted and re-tweeted. Research has shown that a Tweeter is the smartest of all social media platform users. So how do you tackle this bird?

People are scrolling through Twitter quickly so you need to have content that is enticing enough for people to stop and read yours. With this in mind, our TrafficSource social media experts have developed a proven formula for grabbing attention, driving traffic and capturing qualified leads from Twitter.


Many different opinions exist about Google+. At TrafficSource, we believe that with over 350 Million registered users, it’s a platform that can’t be ignored. G+ is essentially the ‘social layer’ of all of Google’s products and services, with Circles being the heart of social engagement.

Proper use of G+’s circles will not only benefit your community engagement levels but will also positively impact your SEO.


LinkedIn is completely different from all the other platforms out there. Most businesses see LinkedIn more as a networking platform rather than a marketing platform. However, once you unlock the marketing potential of LinkedIn, it can turn into a goldmine.

Combine the highest educated user base with the ability to target customers you cannot find anywhere else and LinkedIn will become an essential part of your social media marketing campaign.

Social Media Advertising

As well as cultivating organic engagement on each social media platform, you can also extend your reach by sponsoring different types of content. However, the big caveat of sponsoring content is that it can end up being very expensive with little results to show for it.

Always with your online ROI in mind, TrafficSource will only sponsor the content that will drive the highest results for you, so no money is wasted.