Setting up an account with Google AdWords, Bing or Yahoo is the easy part. Getting a campaign to work, produce ROI and optimise it is the hard part. Luckily at TrafficSource we love the hard part. We write adverts, do keyword research, research your competitors and manage the bid prices for PPC marketing – all you have to do is look at your ROI in the customised reports we send you. Although our main focus is generating this positive return for you, we will also closely manage your spend, so campaigns don’t run away on their own.

The right placement at the right times



Adwords PPC Management

Google Adwords is the biggest search advertising network in the UK. You need an advertising campaign that increases your visibility in the Google search engine, never losing sight of your budget and return on investment. With our UK PPC services we do just that.

Google Adwords can be wildly profitable but also hard to master. It’s a sophisticated numbers game and requires close management in order to acquire the right customers at the right price. With over 10 years’ experience in Google Adwords, TrafficSource can make sure you win your customers at the right price.

Bing/Yahoo PPC Management

The Yahoo Bing network is a combined advertising platform which includes both the Bing and Yahoo inventory. All campaigns are managed from the Bing platform. Bing is an often overlooked but unique opportunity, especially since Apple switched its default search engine in all of their products to Bing.

On average Yahoo Bing cost per clicks are 50% to 70% lower than Adwords. This means you can get more clicks for your daily ad spend. At TrafficSource we have been managing Yahoo Bing campaigns for years and know exactly what works and what doesn’t on this network.

Product Feed Advertising

Product Feed ads are one of the most powerful ways of advertising. It means you will only show your specific product ad to someone who is actively searching for the exact product you have on offer. It doesn’t get more targeted than that.

Combined with regular keyword PPC, it is a very effective strategy of advertising. TrafficSource can manage your Product Feed ads as part of your total PPC strategy.


Remarketing is one of the most cost-effective ways of display advertising. When you set up a remarketing campaign, your adverts will only be shown to people who visited your website or took a specific action on your website. This means your advertising will only be shown to people who already showed specific interest in your product or service. Targeting these existing leads can greatly improve your sales.

As always with PPC campaigns, they can get very costly when not managed correctly. We see many businesses treating their remarketing campaigns as just another PPC campaign. This is a huge missed opportunity as it has a lot more potential when correctly targeted and focused.