The goal of your content marketing strategy is to attract, engage and acquire your target audience. This does not happen overnight and there is no one-size-fits-all approach. Together with you, TrafficSource will develop your content strategy and create highly engaging content that has positive SEO benefits and attracts visitors to your site. This content is specifically designed to build your brand and help establish your presence as an authority in the marketplace.

We connect your business to your customer through content



Internal Blog Writing

Ecommerce marketing made easy. Our SEO content writers will write internal blog posts to be hosted on your website. Then our ranking experts will go and rank this content as highly as possible. This will ensure a solid stream of qualified traffic to your site – people who are highly interested in what you have to say.

External Blog Writing

Contributing your content to high authority sites has SEO benefits, helps establish you as an expert in your market and allows you to create relationships with effective partners. It allows you capitalise on the readership of established publications. This has the potential to greatly increase your traffic and position your brand as an authority in the marketplace.

Product Reviews

With the internet being the biggest shopping mall in the world, there is a huge amount of competition. Customers have so much choice and are flooded with options on where to buy the product or service they want. So why buy from you? Research has shown that over 90% of online buying decisions are made based on online reviews.

At TrafficSource we can identify the biggest influencers and product reviewers for your product or service. We can send your products for review and have them listed on their websites for greater exposure and brand building.


Competitions are a great way of increasing your traffic outside of conventional methods. Yes, the age old marketing method of attracting people to your brand and product by giving something away still works.

At TrafficSource we can facilitate these competitions on sites which have the right profile for your target audience.

Press Releases

Building and maintaining good relationships with professional bloggers and journalists is essential for boosting your rankings in a short space of time. Luckily at TrafficSource, we are already on very good terms with these people. Plus we have dedicated press release writers who know the different platforms and how to write engaging content for them that both journalist and bloggers would be interested in publishing. Having these authorities write about your company, product or service will not only increase your rankings but will also get you organic traffic from these platforms.

How-to Guides

“How to’s” are a powerful content marketing tool. Before someone goes into a buying decision, generally they will search online for an option to do it themselves. If you can educate this potential customer before the buying decision is made, you will be on the radar for future purchases.