SEO: What Does Social Media Bring to The Party?

Is anything missing from your ecommerce marketing party?

Here’s a little secret for businesses that want to run successful ecommerce marketing campaigns: You need to get social with your SEO strategy. When we refer to getting social, we are referring to using social media platforms to improve your search engine rankings on Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

Like Reese’s chocolate and peanut butter, SEO and social media marketing represent two inseparable components. The question is not should you use social media to enhance SEO, but how you should use the numerous social media sites to get your business noticed online.


Social Media Spreads Your Content

It’s not a mystery that Google rewards websites that upload fresh, relevant, and most importantly, helpful content. Pew Research Center statistics demonstrate a growing number of consumers learn about products and services via recommendations and product descriptions published on social media sites. Whether it is a piece written for a LinkedIn page or an infographic that shows the benefits of a service, social media has transformed into a content marketing strategy that rivals anything your business publishes on its website.


The Rewards of Sharing

As children, we were told about the importance of sharing with others. Well, sharing is even more important for online marketing, especially shared content uploaded to social media sites. Shared content that is reliable boosts link authority, which the three search engine giants reward with higher search engine results. The key is to create content that prompts readers to share with their Facebook friends and Twitter buddies. Your content should provide readers with solutions to problems, as well as motivate them to take action. In the world of SEO and ecommerce marketing, establishing links to trusted sources of information moves you up search engine results pages (SERPs).


Builds a Community

The primary attraction of social media centres on the formation of community. We want to be a part of something big and social media gives your business the opportunity to build a community. Look at the unique brands forged online by eBay, Amazon, Apple, and Wal-Mart. Each of these four companies has established brands that set them apart from the competition. Social media represents the most effective online marketing tool for growing your community. Start with a tweet that sends followers to your Facebook page, include a link that moves your customers onto a Snapchat page, and keep the community together for a visit to your LinkedIn business profile.


The Power of Facebook

Think back only a few years ago when you searched for a product and/or service. The search results returned by the three major search engines were exclusively business websites. Fast forward to 2018 and you can expect to see an almost equal mix of Facebook pages showing up on the first page of a search engine result. LinkedIn pages fall right behind Facebook pages in terms of search engine results frequency. A significant part of future ecommerce marketing strategies will include developing SEO-friendly social media pages.

Perhaps the most important thing social media brings to the SEO party involves the rapid increase in the use of mobile communication devices. Social media sites tend to be much more user-friendly on mobile devices than the content and graphics presented on business websites.

If you want ecommerce marketing to benefit from the mobile device trend, you have to establish a strong social media marketing campaign.