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Funky Giraffe

Why they came to us

Funky Giraffe asked for our help because they were seeing a dramatic fall in their site’s rankings, in addition to a significant loss of organic traffic due to Google’s recent Panda and Penguin updates. After analysis, it also became clear that the structure of their PPC campaign wasn’t really working and needed to be totally rebuilt./span>

TrafficSource was able to demonstrate an in-depth understanding of these issues, and we also ensured that the transition to a new SEO strategy was seamless and did not affect Funky Giraffe’s existing marketing. Understanding our client’s business, brand and goals, and being able to demonstrate our SEO expertise was fundamental to us winning their trust and their business.

We solved by

We undertook an extensive keyword analysis of what was working in all of their campaigns, including the profiling of competitors, in order to maximise the profitability of their PPC campaign, both in the short and long term. Following analysis of their ads, we were able to generate higher click-through rates, increasing their sales throughput. We also evaluated the company’s backlinks, removing spam links and improving website content.

As a result, we were able to save over 50% of the client’s PPC budget, with sales steadily growing over the forthcoming weeks and months. Now, Funky Giraffe has more than doubled their ROI, with their search rankings fully restored.

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Joseph’s Wigs

Why they came to us

Joseph’s Wigs, a long established family firm, came to us because, along with their shop sales, their nationwide online sales had stalled and they didn’t know why. With increased competition, their business was at a crossroads and change needed to happen if sales were to pick up. They had been working with a local website designer who had been helping out with their online marketing for over 2 years, however the approach was clearly not working.

We solved by

Looking at the client’s overall website metrics, we identified a number of SEO improvements, with the introduction of some new marketing channels such as social and product feed marketing. Since TrafficSource’s involvement with Joseph’s Wigs, their sales have dramatically improved while advertising costs have been controlled to deliver their target ROI. Sales have continued to improve steadily month on month and now the company is at the point of needing to hire more staff to keep up with renewed demand. This was all achieved in 4 short months and sales continue to break records each month.

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Why they came to us

LateSail came to us because they wanted to grow the number of leads for their internal sales team. They were struggling with their PPC and SEO strategies, with the work being carried out by the owner of the business. Their paid marketing cost per lead was 30% over their target cost per lead goal. It was therefore decided that a dedicated resource was required to further grow leads and, in turn, revenue from search and social marketing – both paid and organic.

We solved by

TrafficSource took a look at LateSail’s PPC campaign and decided to build it again from scratch, thereby optimising it for generating a higher number of leads. This was achieved shortly after the new campaign went live, and the cost per lead fell to their target level. Leads grew over time as we concentrated on the campaigns and keywords which were delivering results. Organic traffic from SEO has grown by 37%, and the lead count from SEO has increased by over 60% year on year. Not only that but the organic marketing which includes social media has identified other markets for LateSail to grow their business, and some parts of the site have been spun off as separate sites for more focused growth.