New to SEO: Your Questions Answered

Search engine marketing: winning, in time

Business owners and managers have a lot on their plates. When someone drops the term search engine marketing (SEM), it’s an all-out rush to leave the building. After all, you have more than enough things to worry about than promoting your products and services online.

Or do you have more important things to worry about?

Millions of business owners and managers throughout the world are missing out on the commercial power of search engine marketing services. The primary reason for avoiding the digital marketing practice is the lack of knowledge about how to implement the best keyword optimisation strategies. We’re here to take the anxiety out of SEO by answering four common questions.


How Much Time Does SEO Take?

Search engine optimisation represents a long-term online marketing programme. Gradually the pieces are put into place so that your business gets noticed online. From asking potential customers to opt into an email list to putting the finishing touches on a video planned for YouTube, SEO campaigns are ongoing and perform alongside normal business activities. It’s like the classic tale of the tortoise and the hare. The tortoise wins because he plodded along at a consistent rate. Your SEO programme shouldn’t exactly be plodding along mind you, but it certainly shouldn’t be promising the world by tomorrow afternoon. Successful SEO campaigns are handling complex algorithms, intense competition, and multi-layered strategies and targets.


What ROI Can I Expect?

This is a difficult question to answer, since it depends mostly on how much you budget for SEO services. For example, budgeting for video expenses will return more money to your company by delivering an increase in repeat business. If you have an in-house content marketer who knows how to create helpful articles and blog posts, you can expect a much higher ROI than if you outsourced the writing to a freelancer. With SEO, you have already invested in the hardware and most likely have uploaded a website. All you have to do now is to implement several strategies to increase sales.


What are the Google Penalties for Poorly Executed SEO?

No one ever thought a panda and a penguin would strike fear into the hearts of business owners around the world. Yet that is exactly what the Google panda and penguin search updates have accomplished. Avoiding a costly Google penalty requires following a few time-tested tips. First, upload fresh content that provides value to website visitors. Second, acquire quality inbound links from trusted online sources. Third, add multimedia that offers relevant information to content. Keep all your content relevant and natural – so no over-optimisation of keywords and search terms – Google penalises websites for keyword stuffing.

Small business owners and managers must embrace SEO to develop successful search engine marketing campaigns, an integral part of any digital marketing programme.