Are You Making these Errors with Your PPC Campaigns?

PPC services

Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising delivers immediate results for business owners who want to reach potential customers. You pay for leads every time someone clicks on one of the ads strategically placed on a webpage. The business model is easy enough to understand, but unfortunately, far too many business owners and managers make errors with their PPC campaigns.

Want to better understand effective PPC management services? See these classic PPC marketing errors:


Failure to Deal with Click Fraud

It sounds like a serious crime, but click fraud is simply an activity that causes inaccurate assessments about the success of pay per click campaigns. Remember that it costs consumers nothing to click on one of your paid online ads. Some estimates place the cost of click fraud for paid ads billions of pounds, annually. Although search engines try to minimise the negative impacts of click fraud, you have to play your part by implementing a third-party tool that weeds out the pay per clicks that mean nothing for your online marketing. Monitor your website’s activity logs to the identify IP addresses that are skewing campaign results.


Speaking of Monitoring

Using PPC services requires small business owners and managers to monitor every paid advertising campaign. Unlike some of the kitchen gadgets sold on TV, you cannot just “set and forget” your PPC campaigns. Business owners who operate a hands-off approach for pay per click advertising can expect to waste a considerable amount of money by paying for ads that have no chance of converting customer prospects. You should run at least two versions of a PPC programme, with one version acting as an experiment to determine if you should alter the real deal. Be sure to document the results of every real and every experimental campaign. Moreover, monitoring your PPC campaigns can help you make keyword bid adjustments.


Refusing to Bid on Branded Keywords

Another common PPC error is not integrating your brand name into a PPC keyword. If you do not use branded keywords, you can expect your competitors to swipe the keywords and attract the audience you want to target. Online marketing company Grow Digital ran an experiment in which it dropped using a brand name for a client. Grow Digital examined the results after a few weeks and noted a nearly 25 percent drop in ad revenue. A few weeks after reinstating the brand name, Grow Digital saw revenue metrics return to previous levels.


Ignoring New Advertisement Features

We like to stick with what got us here, as many successful sports coaches like to say. However, staying with what got you here in the world of PPC advertising results in your business losing out on new ways to attract more customers. Think of the sponsored InMail feature offered on LinkedIn, as well as other social media PPC innovations such as Quora, Instagram Stories, and Snapchat video advertisements. By collaborating with a professional who offers PPC services, you ensure your company stays on top of the latest pay per click ad features.

Most pay per click errors occur because business owners and managers do not understand the most effective way to reach target audiences. Recruit the services of a digital marketing professional for PPC services and enjoy managing a much more profitable online marketing campaign as a result.