Essentials of Contemporary SEO Marketing Services

SEO services: content is still king

It seems like no sooner than we remove the New Year’s Eve glitter from our clothes that another busy year flies by. With 2017 winding down and 2018 on the horizon, how has the last year changed for SEO?

Well, the essentials of the best SEO services remain virtually the same, which means your small business needs to revisit the fundamentals that get your products and services noticed online.


Content is Still King

If you want to rank high on the first page of Google’s search engine results, you have to create content that offers value for your organic business website and social media site visitors. With each passing year, Google’s renowned algorithm gets better at finding content that provides helpful information for consumers. If you lack the skills or resources to regularly produce captivating content that grabs the attention of your readers, you need to find someone who can.


Download Speeds Matter

Google penalises websites for delivering slow page downloading speeds. Even worse, potential customers will not wait long before visiting a business competitor’s website. Google offers the Page Speed Insights tool to help you determine where you need to increase page download speeds. You might have to remove some graphics and multimedia features to increase downloading rates. Online tools such as Varvy and GTMetrix also give you a good idea on how to improve the pace of page downloads. To prevent slow page downloads or worse, webpage crashes, enlist professional services that eliminate CSS and JavaScript, reduce browser caching, and use compressions such as GZip to open more bandwidth.


Going Mobile

For more than a year, mobile devices have been the main source of online searches, outdoing desktops by 20% in 2016. This is no longer a trend but simply the way of things, with mobile devices the principle platform for consumers looking for products and services. If you want to be a big SEO hit in 2018, your business must create a mobile device-responsive website. Ensure your business website is mobile-friendly by using a CSS library similar to Bootstrap.


Improve User Experience

The best SEO services focus on improving how your website visitors interact with every one of the website’s pages. First, go with a website design that makes it easy for visitors to navigate. Links to different general pages should sit on the left side of the home page. Relevant links that offer high-value content should be naturally placed within the content you upload. Your website visitors should not have to scroll through several pages to find the content that helps them solve difficult problems. Minimise graphics and create a clean design that offers plenty of space between indexed page links.


Link to Outside Sources

Yes, you want to be recognised as the trusted business source within your local niche. However, you have to sometimes send your website visitors to outside sources that carry considerable credibility in the online community. For example, if you want to mention the birds that are endemic to your area for a community blog post on an auto mechanic website, you should send your readers to a trusted source that lists the birds flying around town. You not only build credibility for what you know; you also build credibility for sending visitors to outside sources that know more than you. Remember, Google intent on providing users with helpful information, so you should, too.


Utilise Social Media

Finally, implement SEO services that develop a social media marketing strategy. An attention-grabbing video discussing how to do something is an effective way to motivate potential customers to see what you have to offer.