Before The Debut: 5 Tips To Make Your Ecommerce Website SEO-Friendly

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You have heard of the digital marketing term “SEO-friendly,” but what exactly does the term mean? Does it mean SEO content wishes you a great day and opens the door for you? Of course, SEO-friendly means creating online content that gets ranked high in the three major search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo).

Creating an SEO-friendly ecommerce is very different from creating an SEO-friendly website for your small business. You want to implement the five best SEO practices for your online store before it goes live for consumers to navigate.


Who is Your Primary Audience?

In other words, which target market do you want to sell your products to? If you start an ecommerce website that sells auto parts, you are not interested in the pop-teen audience. Research what your target audience will search for and what they expect to find on an ecommerce website like yours.

Here are some SEO-friendly questions to ask about your target market:

  • What searches will members of the target audience make?
  • How does your target audience respond to different approaches in language?
  • Do they want your website to implement responsive design?
  • Most important, what products will your target audience search for on your ecommerce website?


Use Google Analytics

To say Google does it all is a bit of an understatement. Someday, the search engine giant will walk your dog and wash your car. For now, smart business owners that set up ecommerce websites install Google Analytics. The SEO tool does not directly influence website SEO. What it does is help you devise SEO strategies that work by providing you with useful data, which includes the ecommerce tracking that performs tasks such as listing your best selling products and how visitors found your online store. The best UK SEO services utilise Google Analytics alongside their other tools and expertise to maximise performance in the SERPs.


Visual Stimulation is Good

This is another SEO strategy that differs from the SEO strategy you use for your small business website. High-quality images of every product you sell online do a great job or increasing your conversion rate. Potential customers want to see what you have to offer. Words without images mean nothing in the ecommerce world. Provide your ecommerce website visitors with the capability to change the size of the images to enlarge important components of each product. Above all, display the products performing the intended purpose of the products. For example, present a stylish cooler packed with refreshing beverages, or sofa being sat in and enjoyed by a happy couple.


Optimise Meta Tags

SEO involves a lot of technical jargon that immediately turns off many of our clients. Therefore, we keep concepts like Meta tags easy to understand. For your ecommerce website, your title tags and Meta descriptions located beneath your ecommerce website link should provide potential visitors with a clear description of what your online business is all about. Look at Meta tags as abridged versions of content marketing platforms, such as website pages and blog posts. Google places character limitations on title tags and Meta descriptions, so you need to write short, attention-grabbing content to get your target audience to click your ecommerce link.


Make Adjustments before Launch

As you watch a spaceship pre-launch, you notice numerous technicians making slight adjustments to the spacecraft structure, as well as minor technical fixes performed by Mission Control at NASA. The same principle applies to your ecommerce website. You want to confirm that your URL structure contains no glitches that send customer prospects floating through cyberspace. If you have the technical savvy to enable 301 redirects and canonical links, go for it. Otherwise, you should leave the minor technical fixes your ecommerce website needs up to a trained expert.

You spend considerable time finding the right products to sell online. Spend the same or even more time by creating an SEO-friendly ecommerce website by using smart UK SEO services. Want to know more? Contact the friendly team at TrafficSource today!