Content Marketing, with Wallace and Gromit

Content marketing helps you engage with your ideal reader

Wallace and Gromit have much to teach us, but here at TrafficSource, we find their most important lesson is in their visual witticisms: Cheese Monthly and Electronics for Dogs remind us that for every interest or professional niche, there is a magazine, and it has fans.

In the real world, we’ve had Cat Fancy, Pen World, Pulp & Paper. The connection of writer to reader is as old as writing itself, and although we seem to hear a lot now that it’s all about content, content, content, lost is the fact that more words don’t mean more engagement. What does, however, are words that actually connect with your readers, and for that you need real writers.


What is content marketing? Why do we need it?

“You have to blog regularly.” “You have to make content the core of your online marketing.” You’ve heard it all by now, but you really can’t do good SEO without a defined strategy for content marketing.

What does it involve? Writing articles and blog posts that are relevant to your audience, new and old, and having them published – regularly – on your website, as well as on those of others. The latter is called link building, and we prefer to do it by hand, as it were, because it yields the highest-quality mix of links back to your site.

Why do you have to? Because all that written content establishes a trail for readers and search engines that leads towards your well-designed, keyword-optimised site. Now, when those articles on Wensleydale (Wallace’s favourite cheese) are placed on sites that you find through our content marketing and link building process, you can take comfort in knowing that you are building a positive online profile of your company.

Content marketing
Want to appeal to aficionados of 3-year-old gouda? We can do that.


Why professional writers?

Having heard all the exhortations, you swear to yourself that this year you really will prioritise content, but how often do you find yourself stuck for something to say? Or you get a great idea, write 5,000 words, and then go silent for six months. Good content is about more than word production, and a good writer does more than craft clever sentences.

They find your readership. You can laugh, but Cat Fancy was an enormously popular magazine in North America, with hundreds of thousands of readers every month. It was reborn as Catster in 2015 – magazines are having to change with the times – but every month, for 50 years, Cat Fancy connected with its readers and drew in more. Your readers, too, are out there.

They find new angles. You make cheese, you love cheese, but month after month, you struggle to find new topics for your blog. “What else is there to say?” you wonder. Plenty. Who else loves cheese? Kids. Write something aimed at mums of kids of who love cheese – your favourite combination for a cheese sandwich, perhaps. What’s great with cheese? Wine. Which wines are great with your Wensleydale? You see where we’re going with this.

They use the right words. You’re probably aware that keyword stuffing on your site gets you punished by Google, and you’ve also probably heard that keywords should be used in as natural a way as possible. Sometimes it’s easy, and sometimes you have to work backwards from the keyword to figure out how get that link in without being too cheeky or being just cheeky enough.

They know how to research. That’s different from knowing how to Google. As part of our standard SEO services, we have all our various departments working together with cutting-edge software to conduct sophisticated, ongoing research and analysis, to make sure that your website is benefitting from the latest information, and the best, most relevant writing.

All of the above reasons are exactly why the TrafficSource homepage states: “There are no magic tricks or secrets in online marketing but it is hard work, every day.”