Why Your Business Needs SEO Services

SEO services: making sure your voice gets heard

Just why are SEO services so important to ecommerce business? Surely with a little knowledge, a little practice, you could get your website to hit the top page of Google by yourself? Well, we’re not saying you couldn’t, but take a look at the following 3 areas of SEO services that might make you think it’s better left to the pros, after all.


King Content

Content is to SEO what yeast is to leavened bread, you just can’t have a properly performing SEO marketing campaign without it (content, not yeast) – which is why there is no SEO agency worth its salt in the world today that doesn’t perform its work without a highly structured and strategic content programme in place.

For it to be successful, your content will need to meet two essential criteria. First, it must be high-quality, relevant writing. This means it must be something that your target audience will want to read, and be glad for having done so. Second, your content must be optimised for key search terms that your target audience will connect with. This requires some complex research and processes, including the implementation of strategic synonymous terms.

However, content can also be ‘over-optimised,’ which is essentially when Google detects unnatural patterns and occurrences in your content, indicating some artificial practices at work. This could lead to a website being penalised by the search engine, and so must be avoided with some carefully utilised insight of Google’s algorithms.


Social Animal

If you know how to write fresh, relevant content that helps your website visitors address challenging, relatable issues, congratulations – you have mastered one of the most important requirements to rank high in Google’s search engine. However, social media is a different digital marketing animal that requires specialised SEO services to tame. Yes, you still need to create fresh content for your Facebook and Twitter posts, but how do you keep focused on the target audience, your prospect customers?

Without an SEO infrastructure in place to properly identify and monitor your prime keywords and landing pages, your social media activities will largely be shooting in the dark. That can be ok – you may simply wish for your social media posts to exist for branding purposes and to offer some credence to your offering. But to get real traction within their markets, ecommerce businesses need to be utilising all available resources to target and engage the right individuals, groups and communities.


Out of Site

If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound? You may have created a beautiful-looking website, with seamless UX, state-of-the-art bespoke design features, the latest back-end technologies, sexy call-to-action buttons and lots of other clever stuff…. but if no-one comes by to check out what those boys down at the lab did with your sliding navigation bar, does it even exist? To you it does, to everyone else, not so much.

Which is why a website’s backlink profile is so crucial to its business performance and, yes, existence. Your backlink profile is the intricate network by which customers find and reach you, and informs Google of your relevance and influence. But managing a backlink profile is a tricky, sophisticated thing. By way of example, at TrafficSource we use a whole bunch of gadgets and contraptions to gauge and influence backlink performance – just take a look at how we described it in this blog from way back in the summer:

“We use an array of methods and tools which we connect with Search Console (Google Webmaster tools) to tap into data from dozens of link backends, analysing every inbound link with 97 link metrics and filters to accurately build a 360° backlink profile of your website.”


If you’d like to find out more about how SEO services could benefit your business, speak to our friendly staff today!