What are the Benefits of PPC Marketing?

Level the playing field with PPC services

Next to search engine optimisation (SEO), no other online marketing strategy receives more attention than pay per click (PPC) advertising. PPC marketing services help small businesses level the playing field with larger companies that have more financial resources to make a big splash when promoting products and services. PPC represents an internet marketing model that only costs you money every time a consumer clicks on one of your online ads.

The model is relatively simple, but the million dollar question remains: what are the benefits of PPC marketing for your business?


More Company Exposure and Improved Brand Recognition

The heart of PPC services is targeting the keywords your customer use to find industry products and services online. Targeting the right keywords ensures your business increases its exposure online, and with more exposure comes enhanced recognition of what you have to offer consumers. PPC services typically place ads at or near the top of search engine results pages (SERPs). The top three paid advertisements receive over 40 percent of all clicks.  If you want to optimise your share of clicks for paid ads, you must implement a PPC strategy.


Real Time Responses

Unlike other types of digital advertising, PPC advertising delivers instant results. The minute a search engine approves your PPC ads, millions of consumers located around the world can click the ads to learn more about your business. With the capability to introduce a PPC campaign in real time, you have the ideal way to launch new products, run seasonal promotional programmes, and focus on event-based marketing. PPC marketing in real time evens the playing field typically dominated by big box retailers.


Quick and Accurate Monitoring

Not only do PPC services pay off fast, you also have access to quick and accurate monitoring tools that measure the success of each PPC campaign. You have the ability to track how much your company spends on each campaign, as well as record the number of hits each webpage on your site receives because of PPC-related clicks. The quick and accurate monitoring tools allow you to test different versions of PPC campaigns for the same webpage, which is an especially effective way to analyse the click rates through the most important webpages of all, landing pages.


Cost Affordable

Your business needs to make a small investment at the beginning of each PPC campaign. However, the investment only happens whenever a consumer clicks on one of your paid advertisements. Unlike other online marketing strategies, with PPC you pay for action, instead of paying upfront with the hope of getting some consumer response. You determine how much you want to pay for each PPC campaign. Importantly you should remember, the more you pay, the more likely your PPC campaign will convert potential customers into lifelong patrons of your small business.


Take Advantage of Competitor Weaknesses

Let’s assume one or more of your competitors experiences website down times. PPC services represent the perfect strategy to immediately move in on the competition. You can have a PPC campaign up and ready in no time to take advantage of your rival’s poor reviews or bad press caused by a major operational flaw. When you want to swoop in and capture the disgruntled customers of other similar businesses, PPC is your most effective online marketing weapon.

If you’d like to know more about PPC services, what they could do for your business, and how you could use them to compete with the big players, speak to the PPC team at TrafficSource today.