5 Tips to Help You Get the Most Out of PPC Advertising

PPC services: get them knocking at your digital door

For small business owners, a principle objective is to get the most out of the money invested in your digital marketing campaigns. Here we discuss Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising, which when managed correctly has proven results in connecting businesses and their audience, and achieving spectacular ROI figures.


A Short PPC Refresher Course

PPC represents one of the first models of digital marketing. In the most simplified definition, advertisers pay a fee every time a website visitor clicks one of the ads created by the advertiser. The PPC model is a very effective way for small businesses to garner website visits, even when competing against major players in their industry.


PPC Tips that Save You Money

We understand that small business owners are inundated with get rich quick offers and schemes and, therefore, are naturally sceptical of many money saving ideas. Nevertheless, it is indisputable that smartly run PPC services can really change businesses. By implementing a carefully considered PPC strategy, businesses can quickly sort themselves to the top of the Google ranking pile, reach out to dozens, hundreds or thousands of members of their target audience, and make a powerful push in driving potential customers towards their offering.


It Starts by Writing Effective Copy

With the goal of PPC advertising to target potential customers, you need to make sure your ad copy does the very same. Click Through Rate (CTR) is another one of those pesky digital marketing acronyms that simply refers to the percentage of website visitors who click a specific online ad. Targeted ad copy increases CTR, which gives you the opportunity to convert prospect customers into loyal patrons of your business.


Use Google AdWords Geolocation Settings

There are few more effective PPC tools than Google AdWords geolocation settings. The settings allow you to present specific ads in designated regions. We encourage our clients to create settings within a specified distance of their businesses. If you have heard of the term local SEO, you’ll understand the big three search engines place more emphasis on local search engine rankings. AdWords geolocation settings work seamlessly with local SEO criteria and are often crucial to effective ecommerce marketing strategies.


Geolocation and Dayparting

While geolocation settings narrow your target market to ensure an increase in CTR, adding parameters for when you want to maximise your business visibility online narrows your target market even more. By daypart, we mean the block of time during the day when you most expect potential customers to be actively searching for business. For example, a restaurant that serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner will want to increase its online presence during each of the three times of days when the different menus are offered, and this they can achieve with daypart bidding.


We’re Going Mobile

There’s a massive shift in the digital marketing wind and it has to do with consumers changing in desktop and laptop computers for mobile devices to make transactions online. Writing ad copy for PPC ads is not much different for mobile devices. The big difference is how you design the ads, from the size of the ads to the colours used to get your message across. Follow the basic principle that simple is better, as most websites designed for desktop computers do not appear the same on smaller mobile device screens. You also have to ensure your mobile device settings reflect the type of consumer you want clicking your online advertisements.


Perform A/B Tests

A/B tests generate the raw data you need to inform your PPC strategy decision-making. The model for A/B tests compare the results from one PPC strategy against the results generated by a different PPC strategy. Just be sure to end your A/B tests promptly, as extending the time you run A/B tests beyond what digital marketers consider normal can dilute the differences in the results between A and B.

Pay Per Click advertising has the potential to deliver you more customers, without your small business having to spend a small fortune to get customer prospects to your digital front door.

Are you interested in boosting your reach to new potential customers? Be on the lookout for our next blog on PPC services, or call our friendly team today and throw us your toughest questions!