5 More Tips to Cash In on PPC

PPC services: plug leaks for better conversion rates.

In our previous article, we discussed five tips that help you make more money by running effective PPC campaigns. Happily, there are plenty of other things you can do, too. With that in mind, here are five more tips for strengthening your PPC management and strategy.


Use new keywords

For Google AdWords, keywords continue to play a huge role in determining click through rates. Many small business owners like to cut cost corners by spending less on ads or lowering bids. However, the most effective way to ensure a better return on your PPC investment involves adding the latest keywords used by your target customers. Do not forget to discover new long-tail keywords, as a growing number of increasingly sophisticated website visitors conduct their searches with short phrases and descriptions.


Refer to a negative keyword conflicts report

It sounds like something out of a government manual: negative keyword conflicts report. However, this report is really a positive way to help you better determine if your PPC ads are using the right keywords, and attracting the right kinds of searches. Since each click costs you money, it’s important to get those clicks from your target audience as they look for what you offer. To do this, you will create a negative keywords list, which will be used to filter out certain kinds of searches. The negative keyword conflicts report will then inform as to you how this filtering has affected your traffic, helping to keep your ads optimised.


Artificial intelligence

At the elite end of PPC marketing campaigns, results are sensitive to hundreds of different factors that are constantly at work, with the potential to powerfully impact both spending and returns. Where human intervention is not quick or accurate enough to make the often tiny yet crucial adjustments to an ad or campaign, artificially intelligent systems can be employed to continually run complex analytics and optimise your digital marketing for the best performance.


Plug the leaky landing page ship

Despite your best intentions, you have probably uploaded at least one flawed landing page that not only failed to land a new customer, but also caused that potential customer to slip off your website entirely. Keep your landing pages practical, engaging and fully aimed at your target audience. This will limit leakage and convert visitors into paying customers. People are more likely to leave a website because of a poorly written or designed landing page than for any other reason, so don’t compromise the good work of your PPC ads with ineffectual landing pages.


Remarketing is in

Some people just don’t like to commit to something in the moment. Rather, a seed is planted, and it must grow before they take up your services. In these cases, an individual might visit your site several times before they are seriously ready to take up your offering. In order to help you stay at the forefront of their minds and draw them back, you need to continue reaching them. By adding remarketing code to your website, you can retarget past visitors to your site, and have your ads connect with them while they browse other pages online. You’ll be making your brand more recognisable in the process, and pave the way for higher conversation rates.

At TrafficSource, we strongly believe that essential digital marketing strategies such as PPC advertising should remain integral to any small business online marketing programme. For more information on PPC services, or our other digital marketing services, contact our friendly team today!