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We understand SEO is a process which needs to be carefully managed and executed to grow your web site’s brand, reputation, traffic and ultimately your revenue. We know you have a choice in selecting an outsource partner for your project and the consultants you select will need to promote your site with understanding your business model and how to release a positive ROI from any SEO investment.

Everything we do in our SEO service is tailored to your goals and we never employ quick “I can have your site ranked on the first page within a month” type fixes. These black hat tricks (as they are called in the industry) may work today, but when the search engines catch up, they may delist or devalue your site and any past SEO costs incurred would have been thrown away. We believe you will still receive tremendous benefits for years to come from our SEO work, even after we have finished your project.

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SEO Services Offered

  • SEO Website Audits
  • On-Page Optimisation
  • Advanced Keyword Research
  • Google Analytics
  • Competitor Analysis
  • On-Site Content Creation
  • Article and PR Creative Writing
  • High Authority Link Building
  • Youtube Video Production
  • Increase Social Media Signals
  • Advanced Reporting

This coupled with our eCommerce PPC marketing service means we can quickly identify keywords and ad copy to make sure the right combination delivers a positive ROI before including them in any SEO campaign.

This integrated approach means we concentrate our SEO service and your budget on revenue generating keywords and not on keywords which may bring in huge amounts of traffic, but make little or no revenue.

About TrafficSource UK Ltd

As a family business we don’t take on hundreds of clients and with our custom project approach and personal service, we are able to devote the correct time to each client’s project and ensure success.

We are in our 5th year of business and we work with eCommerce or ROI focused websites to grow traffic and expand revenues. We do this largely through SEO and PPC marketing campaigns with clients staying with us for many years. We can provide excellent references and below are some recent comments from satisfied clients:

“Excellent job so far. Simon is very professional, efficient and approachable” –

“TrafficSource have returned a solid ROI over the last 4 years of us working together” –

“Excellent experience, would recommend!” –

“TrafficSource increased sales over the important Christmas season by over 59% from the year before. In the following peak season TrafficSource increased sales by 83%” –


From recent research by eConsultancy and SEOMoz (available upon request), we are about half the cost of a typical SEO agency and provide similar or better results. Why? – Ask us!

Our SEO service with FREE Google Adwords Management starts from £700 + VAT per month.

Although SEO is considered mainly an on-going long term marketing strategy, our contracts are short term and flexible. Clients stay with us because we provide results at reasonable prices.

Please contact us so we can understand your business and objectives and prepare a detailed proposal for your company.


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TrafficSource have returned a solid ROI over the last 4 years of us working together.

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