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How Google+ Pages Could Help Businesses

Google+The recent announcement that Google+ Pages will be launched in the UK could help businesses to connect with consumers. The pages, which will be created for businesses and organisations, will offer companies a new way to interact with their customers online. This will help businesses to create a more defined public presence, leading to future growth and increased revenues.

The new launch is another example of how the online realm has now become the main battleground for business rivals. Competition between companies is fierce within the modern world and internet sites provide businesses with a number of different platforms from which to launch their attack.

Google+ Pages are a recent extension of the Google+ service which claims to put “real-life sharing” at the centre of its development. The decision to include pages within this service is designed to help consumers interact with brands and companies.

A number of pages were launched with the service, with Burberry, 02, Save the Children and the Muppets all having their own pages. After this, organisations and companies will be able to create their own page, thus helping them to increase their online presence and activity.

Users will have the option to add pages to “circles” – a system which will allow them to stay in contact with the people and services they consider most important. This is designed to encourage discussion and debate between businesses and customers, helping to improve customer relations and ensuring that any new updates or campaigns are communicated to followers.

Other features of this service will see video chat available between companies and consumers, with the latter also being able to recommend certain organisations by rating them as “a+1”.

The pages will also be added to search results in order to help increase their presence in the online community. A service known as Direct Connect will also be available, allowing users to find an organisations page quickly and easily by searching for “+name of company”.

Online Marketing

This service is therefore a form of online marketing, helping businesses to reach a wider audience. Many of the functions imitate other popular techniques, such as affiliate management, which are used to boost online presence. Affiliate management is designed to create sales between different merchants (eCommerce sites) and affiliates (independent websites) using networks. In many ways, the creation of a circle using Google+ Pages is very similar to this, allowing users to create their own personal network of businesses and organisations.

Other online marketing services are available from TrafficSource to help people boost their presence even further. Pay per click management services are one example of this, allowing people to get their website positioned in key positions on search engine results pages. This increases their chances of receiving a higher volume of internet traffic to their site, something can then translate into an increased number of sales and therefore more revenue and profits.

Google+ Pages is now live and with recent changes in it’s ranking algorithm for organic traffic, having a Google+ Page is now more important to a successful SEO campaign.

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