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Google’s Broad Match Modifier

Over the last month or so we have been implementing Google’s new broad match modifier which has been in beta in the UK and Canada for the last 2 months. This has now been released to most  of the countries Google operates in.

The broad match modifier is a new targeting option within Adwords that gives more reach than a Phrase match and at the same time more control over a broad match.

To use the modifier in a search keyword or key phrase, you simple add a + to the keyword you wish to modify. This will then pull in relevant keywords to replace your principal keyword, giving you more reach and hopefully more targeted than a broad match.

Google reckon we would receive more clicks and more conversions at good ROI using these modified keywords – so we gave it a try on a couple of keywords for 2 weeks. Here are the results (keywords have been changed to protect the client, however the results are correct) –

+Ladies Clothes : Clicks : 3,050, Conversion 1.61%, Transactions 49, Revenue £2,565.15, Cost £624.13, ROAS 311%

+Ladies +Clothes : Clicks : 7,182, Conversion 1.39%, Transactions 99, Revenue £5,380.65, Cost £1,651.86, ROAS 226%

Naturally we have now decreased the bid price for the second example and this has now increased the ROAS to over the clients target of 300%, however with less clicks. Can’t have your cake and eat it springs to mind!

We have a quality score of 7 for each of these new modified keywords, using this new matching technique does not improve quality score in your Google campaigns, shame!

Google have a good example here, do let us know if you have tried this and how you faired.

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